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In soccer, fast movement speed gives players a great advantage. However, as speed increases, the ability to shoot the ball accurately is often reduced. This makes learning how to kick the ball powerfully while still ensuring accuracy extremely important for every player, whether professional or amateur. In this article, bookmaker BETSO88 will share how to kick the ball hard on the field so you can apply it in your practice!

What are the benefits of How to Kick the Ball?

What are the benefits of How to Kick the Ball?

It is no coincidence that this kicking technique attracts the attention of many people. Kicking the ball strongly brings many significant benefits to your team:

When kicking the ball hard, the ball’s speed is fast, making it difficult for opponents to keep up, block, or react. Sometimes, the speed of the ball far exceeds the player’s ability to move.

A strong kick can cause the ball to fly high, creating a height advantage, and easily overcoming unstoppable opponents.

Powerful and accurate kicks often make their mark in football history, creating precise and sharp passes during the match.

Scoring from a distance is usually only possible with a superb shot. Choosing the most suitable pair of genuine men’s soccer shoes is an important consideration.

However, a strong and accurate kicking technique cannot be achieved in just a day or two. Requires perseverance and regular practice from the players. With the simple steps below, you will be more confident in your ability to shoot the ball.

Step 1: Gain momentum to increase kicking power

Step 1: Gain momentum to increase kicking power

Speed ​​and power are important when shooting the ball hard. It’s impossible to get a powerful shot if you just stand still in one spot. According to soccer coaches, to make a strong kick, you need to gain momentum from 3 to 6 steps. The speed of the foot movement will create the necessary force for a powerful kick. The first step may be small, but the following steps need to be incremental, and the last step is the largest. The most important thing when running is to control your body posture.

Step 2: The supporting leg must be solid

Having a steady base foot is very important when kicking the ball, avoiding the risk of falling or injury to the player. A sturdy base also helps increase the impact force on the ball. Normally, the non-dominant foot will be the pivot foot, while the foot that kicks the ball will be the dominant foot. The body’s weight will be concentrated on the supporting leg with the knee slightly bent, creating strong force and momentum. The supporting leg also creates the best conditions for using the remaining leg’s maximum kicking power and making effective contact with the ball.

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Step 3: Swing your legs and kick the ball

The key to kicking the ball is to swing your legs to kick the ball. This determines the power and accuracy of the shot. To have a powerful shot, you need to run to gain momentum, but to have a powerful and accurate shot, it is important to control your body position and posture. Once you have your supporting leg firmly planted, use your dominant leg to swing your back leg back, creating a large distance between you and the ball. When the dominant foot moves forward, the force acting on the ball will be very strong. The necessary conditions are to use the hip as a fulcrum, the non-dominant leg to be firmly planted, and the striker to move from back to front until the knee is in a perpendicular position to the ball to swing strongly and make contact with the ball. This is considered a way to shoot the ball in a strong position, only when you have momentum will the ball go in the right direction you expect. The toe of the foot is the main direction of the ball’s movement, and the force is created from the momentum and amplitude of the kicker.

Step 4: Point of contact between the ball and the striker

Step 4: Point of contact between the ball and the striker

In a strong kick, choosing the point of contact between the ball and the striker is very important. This position will determine the accuracy and power of the shot. There are many different points on the foot and contact positions that will create different flight paths for the ball. Choosing the right contact point will help the player create a more powerful and accurate shot.

Step 5: Finish kicking the ball

The final step to perfecting a kick is to finish the movement strongly and accurately. After taking a shot, maintaining balance is very important to prepare for the next situation in the match. By moving the striker forward, you will ensure the stability of your body and be ready for the next action with confidence. Be sure to choose a pair of genuine and suitable soccer shoes to best support your technique.

The tight shot is not an easy technique, but with patience and regular practice, you will be able to master it. A player who knows how to use this technique will become a great threat to the opposing team and score many beautiful goals. To learn more about other techniques in soccer, visit our website every day. We always update new and useful techniques for your reference.

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