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How to play Keno to achieve good results when participating in the online lottery playground. If you are learning about this game and want to place bets, you can take the time to learn the details through this article by Vipph.

What is Keno?

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Keno was released to become a popular game with lottery players. Every day, 96 Keno lottery draws take place from 6 am to 10 pm, each lasting only 10 minutes. Keno is the flexibility that allows players to choose the number level and set of numbers and quickly check the winning results on the lottery ticket.

Currently, there are two main versions of Keno tickets: Basic Keno Tickets and Additional Keno Tickets, usually printed on the same ticket with information such as number set, bet amount and drawing period. With a fairly high winning rate, about 1 winning ticket for every 3 tickets played, Keno has attracted the attention of many players.

Keno lottery tickets can be distributed through Vietlott agents, e-wallets or online websites/apps to help players conveniently access and participate in the game.

How to play Keno effectively

There are many approaches to playing Keno that can increase your chances of winning. Let’s take a look at how to play Keno effectively.

How to play Keno effectively

Frequency of occurrence of previous period numbers

The first formula suggests that choosing numbers often appearing in prior periods will increase your chances of winning. Usually, recently winning numbers have a higher probability of appearing in the next drawing. How to play Keno means that adding previously appeared numbers to your selection will give you a higher chance of winning.

Choose the few that appeared in the previous 30 periods

The second formula recommends choosing a series of numbers that have appeared in the past 30 periods and pursuing them over many periods. Continuously betting on these numbers will increase your chances of winning. Statistics show that numbers that rarely appear in every 6-7 periods can return.

Choose a sequence of consecutive numbers

Choosing consecutive numbers seems to have become a highlight in playing Keno. When monitoring the results of this game, it is not difficult to see that the winning numbers often appear in consecutive sequences. For example, it could be 15, 16, 17… or 34, 35, 36,…. This has created a great opportunity for players when betting on such consecutive numbers.

If you want to experience quality Keno, Vipph is the perfect choice. Many players choose and trust Vipph’s Keno Hall as a reliable playing location.

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At the Vipph game portal, you will experience Keno with a beautiful, simple, easy-to-use interface. You can choose numbers from 1 to 80 and bet on the numbers you believe will appear in the wheel.

In addition, Vipph also offers many attractive incentives for Keno players, including promotions, welcome bonuses, and deposit bonuses. You can participate in Keno games with flexible bet amounts suitable for every player’s budget.

With various Keno versions and attractive incentives, you will have a great Keno-playing experience at Vipph. Join now and experience the appeal of this game!


How to play Keno is straightforward and attractive to participants. Hopefully with the information in the above article, players can participate in this playground and achieve many attractive achievements.

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