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Nowadays, betting has become one of the most popular entertainment on the market, making it not only interesting for players to watch matches but also have the opportunity to earn significant profits for themselves. To be successful in this, it is extremely important to clearly understand the types of bets included in the bookmaker’s odds table. Therefore, in the article below, bookmaker BETSO88 will share how to Read Football Odds Online effectively, especially for new players, to help them increase their chances of success when participating in betting.

What is soccer betting?

What is soccer betting?

When participating in betting, players will be given many betting options for each match, called soccer odds. To achieve profits, choosing a bet with a high win rate is very important. Especially for new players, choosing a reputable bookmaker to place bets and understanding how to calculate bets is extremely important.

  1. However, understanding the different types of soccer bets can present some difficulties, as they can be quite complex and confusing. But when you master how to read football odds, everything will become much easier.
  2. Before starting to understand how to read soccer odds online, it is important that you master the symbols commonly used in bookmakers’ betting odds tables:
  3. The home team is usually placed on top and the away team is placed on the bottom.
  4. The team that is rated stronger is usually written in red, while the team that is rated weaker will be written in black.
  5. The upper team is the handicapped team, while the lower team is the handicapped team.
  6. If two teams are written in black, it means that the bookmaker rates them as having equal strength.
  7. Popular types of soccer odds include Handicap odds (Asian soccer odds), 1 x 2 odds (European soccer odds), and Over/Under odds (Over/Under odds, O/U odds, Under/Over odds ).

How to Read Football Odds Online Effectively

How to Read Football Odds Online Effectively

Currently, bookmakers offer many different types of bets, so the way to read, analyze, and explain the soccer odds of each type of bet is also different. To help players understand better, below are instructions on how to read some popular types of bets on the market:

How to read Asian football odds online:

  • Kèo châu Á (Asian Handicap): Cho phép người chơi tham gia đặt cược cửa dưới hoặc cửa trên, chọn một trong hai đội.
  • Trong bảng kèo, các con số như 0.5 – 1; 1 – 1.5… là tỷ lệ kèo mà nhà cái đưa ra.
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  • Handicap (0): Appears when two teams have equal performance. Players just need to choose the winning team.
  • When the favorite team wins or loses, the player who bets on that team will win or lose money.

Left half handicap:

  • Kèo chấp 0-0.5 (0.25): Đội cửa trên chấp đội cửa dưới 1/4 trái.
  • Kết thúc trận đấu hòa, người chơi cược kèo trên sẽ thua một nửa số tiền và kèo dưới sẽ thắng một nửa số tiền.

Handicap 1-1.5 goals:

  • Handicap 1-1.5 goals: The upper team handicaps the lower team by 1 – 1.5 goals.
  • When the upper team wins by 2 goals or more, the player who bets on the upper bet will win all the money and the under bet will lose all the money.

European football odds:

  • European odds (1 x 2): For matches between two teams with equal strength.
  • Players only need to predict the win-draw-loss result of the match.

How to read Over/Under football odds:

How to read Over/Under football odds:

Football Over/Under (O/U): Predict the total number of goals scored by the two teams at the end of the match.

Over is the larger total number of goals, and Under is the smaller total number of goals.

Hopefully, the above information will help you better understand the types of bets and easily participate in betting. Don’t forget to visit the bookmaker’s website to get more useful information about football and betting.

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