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Real Madrid legends with many extremely familiar names. These players always leave a deep impression in the hearts of fans of the king sport. They not only dedicate many achievements to themselves and Los Blancos but are also role models for their juniors with a strong passion for the ball. Join BETSO88 to take a look at Real Madrid’s best names of all time right below.

Real Madrid’s legendary “goal-scoring machine”

Real Madrid's legendary "goal-scoring machine"

Up to now, Real Madrid has had more than 100 years of existence and development. The 20th century was a glorious time for this club. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that the team possesses many excellent names that make many clubs “covet”. First, let us take a look at the legendary strikers of this club.

When talking about the “goal-scoring machines” of Real Madrid in particular and the world in general, it is impossible not to mention Cristiano Ronaldo. Under the Los Blancos shirt, Ronaldo played very impressively, worthy of a contract worth 80 million pounds.

When he first moved to Real Madrid, most people expected him to repeat the beautiful technical performances under Man Red. But after that, he quickly became the team’s spearhead, always competing with arch-rival Messi in terms of goals. The number of goals 450 shows his strength. Surely everyone who registers for football betting knows the awards he has won.

Learn about Real Madrid’s legendary defender

Learn about Real Madrid's legendary defender

Through decades of operation, Real Madrid has witnessed the appearance of many legends. Join us in taking a look at this club’s excellent defenders right below.

Chendo – A legendary Real Madrid legend for a long time

Miguel Porlán Noguera, nicknamed Chendo, was a right-back for Real Madrid. The former player born in 1961 devoted his professional football career to Los Blancos. At the same time, he also played for the Spanish national team and played in two World Cup seasons.

In the 80s and 90s of the last century, he was the irreplaceable defender of this club. With a total of 17 years playing for Los Blancos, playing a total of 497 matches, he and his team won many championship trophies in prestigious European tournaments.

Jose Antonio Camacho – Left back

When talking about a legendary Real Madrid defender, we cannot ignore the name, Jose Antonio Camacho. He held the position of left wing-back of the team, considered their best player of all time. Nicknamed the “iron man”, Camacho always knows how to make his opponents falter. With 15 years playing for Los Blancos, Camacho has played more than 500 matches.

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The former player and his teammates won 19 major cups and many other tournaments. Besides, he also participated in 81 matches of the Spanish national team. With convincing football playing ability, he was always the preferred name at the 1982, and 1986 World Cup and EURO 1984, 1988.

Legendary goalkeeper of Los Blancos

Legendary goalkeeper of Los Blancos

Real Madrid’s “keepers” always win the trust and love of world football fans. Let’s take a look at two names that contributed to building a glorious name for Los Blancos right here.

Legend Iker Casillas – Best goalkeeper

When talking about Real Madrid legends, it is impossible not to mention goalkeeper Iker Casillas. He spent 25 years playing for Los Blancos, from the 1999 – 2015 season. This legendary goalkeeper is famous for his excellent ability to catch the ball and judge situations. Along with that, he also has excellent defensive wall command skills.

Not only is he a Los Blancos legend, but Casillas is also the top fan-favorite goalkeeper in world football history. He has recorded many outstanding achievements such as 5 La Liga championships, 3 Champions League titles, and many other awards with the club. In addition, he received many individual awards such as the best goalkeeper in the world from FourFourTwo and UEFA.

Thibaut Courtois – The top goalkeeper in Real Madrid history

In the list of legendary Real Madrid goalkeepers, Thibaut Courtois is ranked second. Moving from Chelsea, he came to Real Madrid in 2018. With his enthusiasm and talent, he quickly won the trust of Real Madrid. love of the team and fans.

He is known for his quick reflexes, good ball-catching skills, and excellent high-ball play. He helped his team win many championships, including the Champions League Cup and La Liga. Besides, there are many other awards of their own such as the best goalkeeper in the world awarded by FIFA in 2018.


So we have learned together about some Real Madrid legends. Besides, there are still many other names that are difficult to mention in one article. They are all excellent examples of world football. If you still want to know more legends or other football news, regularly update our news page.

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