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What is Rabona will no longer be a topic that players and football lovers discuss after reading the article below. Because BETSO88‘s article will clarify the Rabona technique, thereby helping you better understand this technique in football. Besides, the article will guide you on how to perform the technique most accurately. So what are you waiting for? Find out more through the article below.

What is the Rabona Technique?

What is the Rabona Technique?

The cross-legged kicking technique = also known as Rabona, in which the player uses the foot that is not touching the ground to cross behind the supporting foot, creating a unique shot. Goals scored from this technique often make viewers feel inspired and excited. However, only good players with good technique can pull it off.

In recent times, Rabona’s skills have become very popular and are mentioned a lot. This comes from the fact that it often comes with stunning goals in football matches. However, Rabona is a difficult competition technique, not everyone can perform it. Many experts and football fans consider it a technique reserved for soccer geniuses.

Instructions for implementing the Rabona technique in soccer

Instructions for implementing the Rabona technique in soccer

Performing this technique competently is difficult. Applying it in unexpected situations on the field becomes even more complicated. However, you can practice this technique by following the simple steps below.

How to run when performing Rabona

In Rabona’s technique, running is completely different from other soccer techniques. Normally, when running, the player will follow the direction of the shot. However, when performing Rabona, the player will run in the direction of the shooter’s dominant foot.

Tips for placing the supporting leg when performing Rabona

The supporting leg while performing the technique is also different from other techniques. When taking a shot, the supporting foot will be placed a certain distance away from the ball, ensuring that when kicking, the two feet do not collide with each other. This ensures that the player can cross his legs to take the shot without hitting the heel. Normally, the outside of the leg will be facing the direction the ball is placed.

Ball contact point when performing Rabona

If you use your right foot, the contact point will be slightly below and to the left of the ball. At this point, the foot will be horizontal and in contact with the ball in the largest area. This allows you to create a diagonal impact on the ball, creating a beautiful spin and roll trajectory as the ball moves.

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At this time, choose the point of contact with the ball with the tip of your foot, near the point where the shoe laces are tied. This is the position that allows you to perform an accurate cross-legged Rabona shot. Players often choose this position because it has a toe with high bone density, creating a strong thrust for the shot.

Posture when performing Rabona

An important point when posing is that your supporting leg needs to be slightly bent at the knee. This makes it easier and more comfortable for you to squeeze out the leg. At the same time, this also helps create spin and tension for this Rabona-style shot.

A few notes when learning the Rabona technique

It can be said that the Rabona technique is a high-class technique, requiring players to have experience handling the ball to be able to perform the technique. In addition, the performing player must have good physical strength and the ability to adjust and move the ball.

If you do not have much experience in performing, you can refer to the steps above to practice. Because, when you successfully implement this technique, you will create many breakthrough cases when competing.

Some players perform the ultimate Rabona technique

Some players perform the ultimate Rabona technique
  • Next, we will introduce to you players who regularly perform the Rabona technique, such as:
  • Erik Lamela: The Argentine midfielder became a symbol of the Rabona technique when he performed a beautiful shot to score a goal in a Tottenham Hotspur shirt.


Thus, the above article both answers the question about what Rabona is, as well as guides you on how to perform a Rabona shot. Don’t hesitate to put on your shoes and practice right away. If you want to know more techniques, please register to receive information with us.

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